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Kademe Municipal Vehicles is one of the largest Municipal and Environment Vehicles manufacturer in the region with a wide range of products including different types and sizes of Road Sweepers, Garbage Compactors, Water Tankers, Sewage Vacuum, and Combined Vehicles. We are part of Albayrak Holding with over 90 sister companies under the same umbrella.
By the year of 2020; Kademe has actively working over 2000 equipments in over 35 countries
We like to KISS is our motto. K.I.S.S means keep it simple and stupid. We like to manufacture simple machine cause operators of municipal vehicles have same education and income level almost everywhere. Complicating machines with more electronic control is an easy solution but also costly for operators (in terms of aftersales). Our Machines are simple and user friendly. Easy to operate.
Any engine mechanic with knowledge of diesel engine, who can follow electric wires and pneumatic/hydraulic hoses, can do maintenance very easy.
We manufacture environment friendly sweepers. Our truck mounted and compact sweepers are tested in SGS Germany for PM 2.5 and PM 10 test and compatible with 4 stars

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