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Parex, a brand of Provel Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. started its journey in 2011 with 100 % domestic capital with the aim of becoming the most innovative brand of Turkey. Entering the sector with 81 different products, Parex is available for consumers in all varieties of sales points, thus becoming one of the most competitive players in the sector in only two years. Challenging for the market leadership with more than 200 products, Parex’s success doubtlessly lies in developing Unique products which bring an innovative approach for cleaning as well as changing the lives of women.

In the first year of its foundation Parex introduced Turkey a huge innovation, Twister, an automatic cleaning set with tumbler. This revolutionary unique product carried Parex to leadership in this category. Parex established its top place in this category with a new product every year. In 2012 Tornado was introduced and in 2014, Maestro was launched offering an elevator system for space saving with two different mop options. Following these innovations, Spinner was introduced in 2015 with its easy-to-carry feature due to its effective wheel system. Thanks to these products favored by women cleaning errands are no longer a burden and cleaning habits are revolutionized.

Innovative cleaning brand Parex strived hard to carry its success in cleaning products for the house maintenance category and continued to provide practical products to facilitate the life of consumers. The aim to appear in all houses lead Parex to develop authentic products. R&D investments, qualified human power and creative designs also contribute in carrying Parex one step forward. These factors allowed Parex to develop decorative and effective products that create real value for consumers in terms of efficiency and convenience; such products include Rainbow, Boxx, Bucket and Sepetto.

Aspiring to make cleaning fun and enjoyable, Parex continues to extend its Happy Cleaning Family, successfully analyzing the expectations of women and including them in this group. The First environmental friendly cellular sponge in the sector, cleaning rugs with superior microfiber cleaning power, Magic Maxx, Happy&Clean pink sponges that create magic when they meet water and other original products have become the milestones of Parex’s success.

Adopting environmental consciousness as a principal, Parex created awareness by taking cautious steps on this matter since its foundation. Aiming to strengthen focus on human and environment, Parex manufactured all trash bags 100% biodegradable to create a hygienic environment for consumers as well as contributing to the protection of nature for future generations.

Touched by thousands in their homes, offices, markets carried by efforts of dozens, Parex celebrates its 5th anniversary in 2016. Parex aims to carry its challenge on becoming the expanding, developing and innovative brand of Turkey in the future.

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