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MORE & MORE was founded in 1982 in Munich. Today, around 250 employees work for our company. Even though MORE & MORE now operates internationally in a total of 14 countries - ideas and design for our fashion continue to emerge in our headquarters in Starnberg, south of Munich.

The 12 annual collections are sold throughout Germany in about 50 own retail stores, a steadily growing number of currently around 20 partner stores, a dedicated online shop and more than 1,200 specialist retail outlets.

MORE & MORE was born 35 years ago from a creative idea and an enthusiasm for beauty. Already at the beginning of the success story, the brand has hit a nerve with fashion-loving women. Today, we are increasing this enthusiasm with each of our collections.

We are family, because we are a medium-sized company with its own history and vision and not subject to a huge group. We are enthusiastic about what we do and we are only spurred on by the success of our fashion among our customers.

We are demanding, because we create quality and not fashionable disposable items. Our customer is the focus of our attention. Our goal is to meet their expectations even better. To achieve our goal, we invest every day in what makes MORE & MORE vibrant and desirable.

We invest in PEOPLE , because we continue to train our employees and pay attention to fair conditions in our production sites.

We invest in PARTNERSHIP because we operate fairly, transparently and in a performance-oriented manner in order to keep our dealers and MORE & MORE growing ourselves.

We invest in OUR COMPANY because we are well prepared for the ever- changing technical challenges in stationary and online retailing.

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