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As Kigılı, we are the leader menswear brand of Turkey preferred by contemporary, mentalist and successful men. We always continue to be irrevocable of the urbanite professionals with our innovative vision and our world class collection defying the years. We undertake pioneer role with the innovations that we brought fashion sector and present the trends to men's taste by interpreting them with our own line.

Our collections offering different options to different age groups offer the most comfortable clothing to men on every day of the week. Suits with which you can move freely in an intense business meeting, casual designs offering comfort at a Sunday breakfast, the most elegant tuxedos or knitwears warming you up in your ski holiday are some of the items that enrich your Kigılı experience.

We send over 150.000 products weekly to nearly 300 sales points spread around the world.

As Kigılı, while we are working with the vision of being one of the world's fashion giants, we are aiming at becoming one of the first top 10 global brands that spring to mind when it is said menswear

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