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Mirado is a one of the manufacturer company which specializes in pen production, with products such as fineliner, fibre-tip and ballpoint pens. The company is also able to provide plastic desk accessories and erasers.
In 1978, the company was founded and entered the sector as a retailer in Istanbul.
In 1996, after gaining expertise in wholesale and importation, our business expanded to production in a 5000 m² facility in Istanbul. Initially, we focused on back to school products as a target market. Then in 2003, we became first and unique plastic pencil production line to be established in Turkey, and we went on to produce colored pencils and eraser.
In 2014, our company moved its production and warehouse to a modern 18.000 m² facility in Kayseri. The fineliner, fiber-tip and ballpoint pens production lines were set up in a new facility. Mirado has produced not only own branded products but has also facilitated OEM products for other companies.
As a family business, we care about customer’s health and environment. We are working together European companies as partners in our processing and production. We are mindful and proactive about the use of health-friendly and environmentally- friendly raw materials and components to avoid pollution and diseases.
The company would like to expand its area of operation through new distributors in foreign countries who can promote and distribute these products.

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