Your Investor Candidate is in Digital!

Your Investor Candidate is in Digital!

intdealers Sales Team met with 2340 Export Authorities in 2019! In our article, we made an introduction to the most basic needs of exporters and how we produce solutions to these needs. Now we share our new article which we try to convey our solutions in more detail.
The platform has received 455,000 sessions in the last year, and its ads have exceeded 75 million impressions; intdealers brought investment applications to 54 brands from over 2000 dealer candidates. The awareness it provides to its brands has a financial value that is many times more than these figures.
What do all these numbers mean?
An export representative of a brand can visit only one country at a time and meet several investor candidates. Moreover, in order to find these candidates, they must have exerted their efforts and confirmed that they are potential.
The export official working with reaches to hundreds of potential investors without leaving the office, going to one end of the world by leaving his family for days, without interrupting the other business for travel, creating a much more economical costs in the country targeted by creating the potential environment for the creation of potential investors, qualified takes the applications online and starts the communication process by contacting by phone or mail instantly. If a mature process has developed enough for both sides, they only come together to discuss the remaining details and meet face to face.
It sounds great, doesn't it?
Yes, it is possible for all brands that have the goal of exporting really fast, successful and practical process!
So how does everything work so fast and efficiently?
Thanks to digital ads and machine learning!
Let's say you are an export director of the cosmetic industry's leading brands in Turkey. You work day and night, travel, trade fairs and number of meetings in order to realize the growth targets of your Board of Directors with a superhuman effort. On the one hand, you are constantly pondering how you can go through these processes faster and more efficiently, but you cannot change your focus in the daily turmoil. This is where the intdealers sales team realizes you constantly through extensive research and rushes to your help.
Your intdealers consultant transmits the brief form, which is created to the finest detail about your brand, goals, competitors and audience, to the software and digital advertisers in the kitchen team of intdealers. The investor who sees your ad gets detailed information about your brand in the intdealers page created for you as soon as he clicks on the ad. If he thinks he is the right candidate, he will fill out a form and click to get your contact information. The form reaches you in seconds. You just have to take your coffee and correspond with your candidate.
In our next article, we will share our suggestions about what you should pay attention to when you advertise and prepare your intdealers advert.
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