Attention to Investor Candidates!

Attention to Investor Candidates!

Which Brand, Why Should You Invest?
We are proud to have you as one of the 2,000 investor candidates on the platform, and we strive to provide you with more investment opportunities every day. So far, we have offered you the dealers / franchisees and distributorship advertisements of 54 valuable brands on our platform and we have been happy for your intdealers team as well as on behalf of our brands. Because, thanks to you, our brands are starting to export to brand new countries, intdealers are getting stronger and become able to offer service to more brands.
As you know, valuable brands, together with many important criteria for export-oriented investor candidates. For example, if our brand is a textile giant we have experience in the field of textile is the most important condition. A brand looking for franchisees from the food and beverage industry will also want to know what you are doing in this field. Financial qualifications are of course also very important, but they come in the background. The priority of our brands is for experienced candidates who can carry their values.
Of course, you should know the geography where you want to sell the products of the brand, know the habits of the consumers, and you should have an analysis about how much should be in which location. That is, the brand you will invest in should be sure that you will present the right product to the market at the right time, in the right place, with the right steps.
If you are familiar with all of these, you can contact the representative of the brand in question within minutes by filling the application form in the announcement publication page on and immediately roll up the sleeves for your new job. Keep in mind that the more you provide information about yourself with all your contact details when filling out the application form, the sooner you will get an effective response. Put yourself in place of the brand's representative and focus on how careful you should be when filling in the description.
Unlimited Applications
One of the most advantageous features of platform is that an investor can make unlimited applications for more than one line or as many advertisements as he wants. At this point, we recommend that you prioritize brands that you will be sure to truly represent, not only by prioritizing your financial strength.
Effective Processes
Like every investor, we know that you visit fairs from different sectors from different countries during the year. In order to make these visits more productive, to examine all the products of the brand you want to meet closely and to have a focused meeting with the authorities of the brand, you can apply to the brand just before the fair and write to the explanation part of the form that you want to realize the first meeting at the fair. Thus, you shorten the processes and make them effective.
For now, this is all we can share, but you can write to [email protected] in all matters you are curious about, you can give us direction to publish articles on these topics. We will continue to share information and guidance for you.
Wishing to grow all together!

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