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Would like to join the intdealers family?

Turkey’s the first and only global export partner platform intdealers is seeking for new partners to join the family. İntdealers is a digital platform which is served ensuring to meet with prospects of dealer, distribütör and franchise who are suitable according to the profile they want in target market.

It produces productive conlucisions at global export partner seeking process with serving global marketing strategies and roboust techologic infrastructure. If you are in communication with companies which have these requirments, you would a part of intdealers sales process.

Why intdealers dealership?

Wide Market

You might target all compaines which made export and aimed export without any restrictions about sector. Thus, you would make search widespread and would determine easily suitable companies for sale.

Fast-Selling Process

We have fast-selling sales process compared to other technologic products. The product is ready and It is easily explicable. You would rapidly complete sales process, earn income.

Constant Income

After package sale, If the custome is made package renewal, you would gain income without extra effort. Through performance-oriented income model, as your sales amout you will have chance increasing income model.

Effective Support

We will ensure training and documentation at begining of dealership process. If documents will be updated, as soon as possible we will provide information and send updated documents. Support will be given very quickly in cases that ocur during and after the sales process.

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