FAQ for import and export

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is intdealers?

First and only global platform to obtain export partner in foreign countries. Corporate companies, manufacturers and sellers of the world's 211 countries can post ads on intdealers to meet with dealer, distributor and franchise candidate companies.

2. I am a ‘dealer, distributor or franchise’ candidate. How can I benefit from Intdealers?

Log in to the “Business Partnership Ads” page on the website. Choose the advertisement that best fits your goals and apply for free immediately. Your application will be sent directly to the ad owner company, the advertiser, and you will be receiving answers to your intdealers account as soon as possible. Your intdealers account will be automatically created once you apply to a business on intdealers and your login information will be sent to your email address. When you apply for the advertisement, make sure to fill your information completely and write your questions and requests clearly and clearly in the message section. This allows you to initiate a fast and efficient communication process with the company's manager.

3. We want to acquire and evaluate ‘potential dealers, distributors or franchise candidates abroad. How can we benefit from intdealers?

Visit the “Find Dealers” page of our website. Choose the “intdealers ad package” which fits best to your goals and budget, create your corporate membership, specify your target country, and complete your transactions on the website by paying up to 12 months with your credit card. Please send your intdealers sales representative along with the relevant visuals and detailed brief file describing the criteria of the candidate you are looking for. Your ad is first published on the intdealers website and all potential candidates in the intdealers pool will be given priority notice. Your ad will then appear on the digital channels of your targeted country; The candidates who are interested in your advertisement will send you their applications directly by clicking on the advertisement. We kindly request that you return your applications within 24 hours.

4. How can we decide which advertisement package to choose?

intdealers sales representatives prepare detailed reports about your industry and target audience in the country you are targeting to get the most out of you. This makes it easy for you to choose your ad package. If your ad will be published for the first time in any country, we recommend that you choose the longest package, the gold package.

5. We want to publish ads in more than one country. Is it possible?

Of course. By purchasing multiple packages, you can make your advertisement available in the local language of the country and the most preferred digital channels.

6. Do we need to pay withholding for our digital advertisements published in our target country?

No, you don't.

7. What should we do to ensure that our listing is included in the “featured ads” list of the intdealers site?

All of our brands that purchase Gold packages are included in the “featured ads list”.

8. Are there other advantages to publishing our ads on the Intdealers platform?

First, you benefit from the prestige of the intdealers platform. Gaining the trust of more than fifty brands in a year, intdealers is broadcasting around the world. You also benefit from cross-marketing opportunities. In other words, you can receive applications from other countries other than your targeted country, and you can mix with brand new orders.

9. How will I know the performance of our published ad?

Applications received from your ad will automatically be sent to your e-mail. However, your intdealers sales consultant will tell you how many impressions, access and applications your ad received each week, as well as the time spent on your ad page. It listens to your feedback and works to optimize your advertisement performance by optimizing if necessary.

10. Can advertisements from intdealers provide a different result than the work of our export managers and fair organizations?

Definitely yes. intdealers works as your Digital Export Manager. intdealers offers hundreds of thousands of potential candidates and interacts with your brand and products in a short period of time.